I speak HTML.

Who I am

My name is Reid Vender: fanboy, vinyl collector, and programming enthusiast.

I enjoy running, mountain biking, and rock climbing in my spare time to develop my quick thinking, creativity and adaptivity.

Nature is a huge part of my work and play. I venture to discover parallels between nature and programming, seamlessly fusing them.

What I do

I'm a Medical Health Informatics student at Western University and Education Executive at Founders Network, where our team equips entrepreneurs from all backgrounds with the means and know-how to run a successful tech startup.

I'm full stack: front-end, back-end, a student and a teacher.

What I do is an extension of who I am: a dedicated team-player, reliable leader, and an enthusiastic hard worker.

My work



No ordinary database website.

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The world's largest collection of DNA barcoded specimens.

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Redefining how psoriasis patients are treated.


Dermatology at the heart of Hamilton.

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High standards of review of clinical trials.

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Taking innovation to new heights.

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